concrete spare parts boom placer
concrete spare parts boom placer
concrete spare parts boom placer
concrete spare parts boom placer

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Concrete Pump Boom Placer
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Product Description

12M Concrete Pump Boom Placer

We are the professional supplier and manufacture of the Concrete Pump Placing Boom , in the formal situation , we have 12m/13m/15m length krete placer , which is made by customer's requirement ! As 12m boom placing pump as an example , the boom arm is 2m, Max.Harizontal is 12m , in the formal situation ,coverage Area is about 450 ㎡,height is about 3m . We exported this kind of boom placer to many different countries , like Malaysia,Vitenam, and so on , usually this kind of manual one is used on some asian countries !Not only this kind of boom placing pump, we also have many different kinds of hydraulic krete placer, 12m-32m , whatever which one you need !We also supply many different kinds of Concrete Pump Parts . like Concrete Pump Pipe , Concrete Pump Elbow , Concrete Pump Clamp coupling, Concrete Pump Rubber Hose and so on ! whatever parts you need , call me !

1. Basic dates about the 12m concrete pump boom placer

a. Length :12m

b. whole set machine weight: 1000kgs

c. weight box: 900kgs

d. Rotitay degree:360D

e. Pipe diamter: 133mm

f. when you purchase the boom placer , we will matched to send you the whole set replacement parts if you need them, like concrete pump pipe, concrete pump elbow, concrete pump clamp coupling, weight box, straight pipe bearing, rotitay bearing and so on .

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